The Statistics section CRAN mirror

The Statistics research section within the Maths department now hosts the second UK mirror of the Comprehensive R Archive Network, otherwise known as the CRAN. Loosely modelled on the well-known CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network), the CRAN provides a world-wide network resource of all things R - additional libraries, packages, user-contributed code, documentation and of course, the R language itself may be downloaded from the CRAN or any of its mirrors. Up until mid-November 2009, there was only one CRAN mirror in the UK at Bristol University but it was felt that establishing a second UK mirror at Imperial would help put the Statistics section "on the map" so to speak and raise its profile.

Using the CRAN is well documented on the site itself and will not be repeated here. And if you use the Imperial mirror, you will experience quicker responsiveness and faster downloads, as well as saving on external bandwdith usage.

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Andy Thomas

Research Computing Manager
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 10.5.2021