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November 16th: NextGen cluster is now back up

After 792 days of continuous operation the NextGen cluster was shut down at 6am on Friday November 1st, dismantled and physically moved to a new location in the ICT C&G data centre. After partial recabling on Saturday, the clustor2 storage was powered up, upgraded and put back on line and on Monday, the cabling was completed and the remaining nodes powered up. Operating system and applications upgrades of the macomp nodes were completed by the evening but there were issues with upgrading the mabladXX nodes, as well as a complete failure of one of the mablad server blades (mablad06); the decision was made to put the cluster back online with just the 19 macomp nodes operational for the time being while the mablad issues are sorted out offline. These probelms have now been resolved and the cluster is fully functional.

Andy Thomas

Research Computing Manager,
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 16.11.2019