Current status of Maths computing facilities...

February 18th: partial shutdown of NextGen cluster for 10 days

Apologies for the very short notice but 16 nodes in the NextGen cluster that were idle and not running compute jobs were disconnected from the compute pool and shut down between 12 and 12:30pm today, reducing cluster capacity to just over one half. This follows a request this morning from the ICT data centre to reduce our power consumption to as little as possible ahead of a partial shutdown of ICT data centre power supplies at 8am on Thursday morning. Building works are ongoing in the City & Guilds building where the cluster is hosted and an electrical distribution board needs to be reconfigured, hence the power outage. Full power availability is expected to return in 7 to 10 days time when the work has been completed.

The NextGen cluster is very under-utilised at present so this reduction in available compute cacapcity should not inconvenience users.

February 13th: most other systems and services operating normally

About 10 out of the 160 systems that were shut down on Tuesday February 11th prior to the power supplies to Huxley 616 being turned off developed faults when powered back on later the same day but most of these have since been repaired and are back in use. Two systems - the ssh gateway aachen and the compute server archimedes - are awaiting replacement parts while bazooka, which is part of the Stats Hadoop cluster, is still being investigated. A few, mostly private, systems remain powered off as it is clear they are not being used at present.

Andy Thomas

Research Computing Manager,
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 18.02.2020