Configuring Pine

In these pages you'll find some useful information on configuring and using the popular pine email client from Washington University. Although the present mail environment at Imperial College is not particularly UNIX-friendly and poses problems for some UNIX-type mail clients, pine can be made to work very well within Imperial's Microsoft Exchange-based mail infrastructure.

A lot of people use pine and similar text-based mail clients such as elm, mutt, etc for their speed, configurability & simplicity in use and their very low bandwidth requirement makes them ideally suited for mobile use especially over mobile phone GSM data/GPRS connections. pine was originally inspired by the elm mail client and the name pine is actually a recursive acronym meaning Pine Is Not Elm! Although pine's interface seems very simple, a vast range of additional features and goodies lie just below the surface waiting to be discovered by the curious user and it's well worth taking time out to explore these as they will transform your email experience.

Although direct SMTP mail feeds to desktop UNIX and Linux systems are not supported at Imperial, you can reinstate most of the SMTP functionality as far as feeding mail into your local mail spool is concerned by using the fetchmail utility:

Andy Thomas

UNIX/Linux support,
Faculty of Natural Sciences

last updated: 24.03.2006