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The Maths Physics computer clusters no longer exist

After the Math Physics section merged with Applied to become AMMP, their respective computer cluster rooms were closed, their dedicated file and webservers shut down and most of the computers themselves moved first to Huxley 616 and then dwon to Huxley 132 in the basement as headless compute nodes.

Two Maths Physics systems - the SuSE Linux system known as cathedral and the DEC Alpha called aragon - still exist; cathedral is now one of the three ssh gateways in Huxley 616 while aragon is in 138 and is used for DEC Fortran programming by a visitor.

Older Maths Physics items:

November 5th, 2007: Move of Maths Phys cluster systems in Huxley 613 to general acesss accounts
January 11th, 2007: the closure of the Maths Phys computing room, a reminder of the new Alpha system names
July 19th, 2001: termination of the Maths Phys mail server and move of mail to central MS Exchange servers
May 17th, 2001: new multi-operating system login scripts, new print queues, new software additions
April 3rd, 2001: reorganisation of the Alpha and Ultrix clusters, introducing Linux

Andy Thomas

UNIX/Linux support,
Faculty of Natural Sciences

last updated: 10.5.2021