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Move of Maths Phys cluster systems in Huxley 613 to general acesss accounts

The two Maths Physics systems in Huxley 613 - the SuSE Linux system known as cathedral and the DEC Alpha called aragon, displaced to this general access room following the closure of the Maths Phys computing room 6M36 earlier in the year - are to become general access systems that all users in Maths can use. This is because Huxley 613 is now the only general access computer room available to staff, research staff and postgraduate users. Maths Phys users will still be able to use these systems as before but you must login using your college username and password if these are different to your Maths Phys username and password. Also, note that your home directory at login will be your general Maths home doirectory on geometry2 and you will need to change to your Maths Phys home directory under /home/icnfs/ma if you want to access this.

The change has already taken place for cathedral on Monday, November 5th, and aragon will follow suit on Monday, November 12th.

Math Phys users who still wish to log into a Maths Phys Linux machine via a remote connection should now use whistler instead - this system has an identical software installation to cathedral although it is not publicly accessible.

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Andy Thomas

UNIX/Linux support,
Faculty of Natural Sciences

last updated: 5.11.2007