Systems upgrade log

Log of upgrades carried out on Maths Unix/Linux systems ...

Last updated: 26th February 2001

eadyAn additional 18 GB user disk was added to eady on February 26th.
geometryA second 18 GB user disk was added to geometry on February 26th; increased usage of this server plus the recent increase in user disk quota to 160 MB has resulted in growing demands for more disk space.
geometryA Travan 4 tape drive was fitted to geometry on December 1st and will be used for making local backups and as a low cost method of offloading old user accounts.
algebraThe kernel on the algebra server, which serves files to some 1500 users via NFS and Windows SMB, was rebuilt on November 12th to support a larger number of simultaneous users and file requests and the RAM was upgraded from 64 Mbytes to 192 Mbytes on November 27th.
Linux in 215All of the PCs in room 215 had their existing Linux installations rebuilt during October and now run the same Red Hat Linux 6.2 with the KDE desktop as the new Dell Linux PCs in rooms 410 and 411. Although offering the same facilities and range of software as the 410/411 systems, the gnome desktop is currently not installed, although the alternative fvwm2 and twm window managers are. This is because of lack of hard disk space (the Windows NT installations on these dual-boot systems uses 1.6 GB of the 2 GB disks, leaving just 300 MB for the Linux installation plus 64 MB swap and 33 MB for /tmp). If there is demand for it, it may be possible to add gnome at a later date. More information
Linux in 410 and 411All 43 Dell PCs in rooms 410 and 411 (accessible through the Maths departmental library) now run Linux in addition to Windows NT. More information
d,f,s & pAll of the Alpha XP1000 systems in the Maths Physics cluster had their RAM increased from 128 Mbytes to 384 Mbytes on September 12th.
hThe Maths Physics server h had a RAM upgrade (from 64 Mbytes to 192 Mbytes) on August 2nd and another 18 Gbyte disk was added on the 9th.
metric2The Metric group received their new Alpha 500 server metric2 in July with 128 Mbytes RAM and a 18 Gbyte disk. A new NIS domain, metric, has been set up for which this server is the master.
meridianMeridian in 215 has been rebuilt as the first of a new breed of Linux PCs running Red Hat Linux 6.2 and featuring the KDE desktop. Like the other PCs in 215, it is capable of booting either Windows NT 4.0 or Linux but for the time being NT booting has been disabled and it will only boot Linux. This has been done deliberately so that students can access their files on the algebra server remotely via telnet or FTP.

Please try this system out and let me know what you think. The Debian Linux installations on the other PCs in rooms 215 and 212 will be replaced with the new Red Hat Linux build over the summer so we need to be sure we have got it right from your point of view!

edenThe monitor attached to eden in 615 failed on May 26th and has been sent away for repair but eden itself is fine and has been moved to room 655 while the monitor is being repaired. You can still access it via telnet, ssh or ftp.
eadyThe old Applied Maths server eady was replaced on Monday, June 19th, by a new Digital Alpha 500 system running Digital Unix 4.0E, with 128 Mbyte RAM and 18 Gbyte disk space. Although there were some unexpected problems with the changeover, everything now appears to be running well.

The old server, an Alpha 250 renamed as eady2, has been moved to room 655 and is back on-line for the foreseeable future since russell relies on it for much of its operating system. Eady2's filesystems are accessible on the new server under the directory /old-eady.

A DAT tape drive was subsequently added to eady on Sunday, July 9th.

'Old' geometryThe original geometry server was switched off for the last time at 7pm on Friday evening, June 16th. The server had been left running in 6m29 as a 'hot' standby in case of serious problems with the new geometry server which replaced it 4 weeks ago but it is now no longer required.

It is now in room 655 and will be given a full overhaul - the long term future of this venerable SunOS-based Sparc5 server is uncertain but in the short term it will become a web server for the PG PC support pages.

mant2The NT server for the undergraduate and teaching PC systems was moved from the existing co-axial network to the new category 5 network on Friday night, June 16th at about 7pm. A new mouse will be supplied & fitted this week.

Andy Thomas

Unix/network sys admin,
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 21.3.01