Torque/Maui job queuing system on the Maths Compute Cluster

1st October, 2014:

You have landed on the old Torque/Maui job queueing pages - please head over to the new Maths compute cluster pages for the latest information.

If you really do want to read the old documentation, you'll find the old Maths compute cluster pages as well as the old Torque/Maui job queuing pages.

Also still available are the old Quickstart pages for Red Hat Linux and the newer Ubuntu Linux. These are a bit out of date now but if there is sufficient interest, they will be brought up to date and made available with the main Maths compute cluster docs again. Please note that as of February 3rd, 2015 all nodes in the cluster will be running Ubuntu Linux and there will be no Red Hat Linux nodes.

Andy Thomas

Research Computing Officer,
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 05.02.2015