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2015: Spring update

Having reached the start of the summer term, here's an update on Maths research computing news:

  • Huxley 616 server room: as we've learnt from experience, promises to maintain a reliable power supply for the server room cooling systems have not been kept and we have had a series of unscheduled cooling power outages over the period this facility has been in operation. Quite a lot has been done behind the scenes to improve internal monitoring & control systems leading up to the scheduled Easter power shutdowns in the Huxley building and the partial cooling failure on Easter Sunday was handled more gracefully than during previous incidents. Work is ongoing to improve room infrastructure management even further.

  • Maths compute cluster: all nodes now run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Linux and macomp00 (formerly a Red Hat dev server) has been re-introduced to keep macomp000 company. Both servers are set up identically for users to test code and run small jobs on and in addition, macomp00 now hosts a MySQL server to meet a requirement for SQL database access from the cluster.

  • Two new queues, matlabpar4 and matlabpar6: - have been added to cater for the smaller Matlab jobs using the matlabpool facility using 4 and 6 cores respectively. Since 4 or 6 free CPU cores are more likely to become available on a node at the same time than eight, this means Matlab parallel jobs queued to these new queues will spend far less time in the queue waiting for resources to become available than is the case with teh existing matlabpar queue, which requires 8 cores. So if you are a Matlabpool user, you'll find submitting two smaller jobs to matlabpar4 will stand a far greater chance of executing soon after submission than a single job on the matlabpar queue.

  • New git and CVS servers: a git-hub service with web-based access in addition to the traditional access methods has been introduced on the share2 server alongside the existing svn service and a cvs server has also been added.

  • Other news: half of the Stats linux cluster has migrated from Fedora Linux to Ubuntu 14.04 and a group within this section now has a 15 node Hadoop cluster as well as an 8-server iSCSI SAN for working with large data sets.

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Andy Thomas

Research Computing Officer,
Department of Mathematics

last updated: 26.04.2015